1. Your monitor won't turn on or is blue.
Check the power cord to your monitor, if it is unplugged your monitor obviously won't turn on. If the monitor is on and the screen is blank, then check the connection to the computer, if it is not hooked up to the computer then it will not show your desktop. 
2. Your computer won't turn on. 
 Check the power cord and make sure that it is plugged in. 
3. Your documents will not print. 
Make sure that the computer is hooked up to the printer. Make sure that there is paper and ink in the printer. 
4. Your mouse or keyboard does not work. 
Make sure that your mouse and keyboard are connected to the computer. Make sure that none of the keys and buttons are sticky or stuck. 
5. Your computer freezes.
Turn of your monitor and computer, wait for a couple minutes then turn your computer and monitor back on. 
6. You do not have any sound playing through your headsets. 
Make sure that the volume on your computer is up and is not on mute.
7. Your microphone will not record. 
Make sure that your microphone is not unplugged from your computer, and the volume on your computer is up and is not on mute. 
8. Several programs automatically load on your machine and now it runs really slow. All you did was download one program, and now all of these other programs and tool bars are popping up. Close out all programs running, then shut down your computer and start it back up later. 
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Mrs. Jorae
6/2/2012 10:33:18 am

Congratulations! You have earned $300 of virtual classroom money for going above and beyond! Add this to your classroom budget and move on to the next activity!


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