Diigo is an online website that allows you to save bookmarks on the web. This allows you to retrieve your websites quickly from any internet-connected computer in the world. Tagging your favorite websites is an easy way to build a Personal Learning Network by creating contacts with similar interests.
Bookmark: Something you use to mark your place or where you are. Or in this case, saving a website or link online. 
Tag: A website or something else related to the website that you bookmarked. 
Personal Learning Network: Where other people can learn or look at your websites or things that you have posted to learn new things. 
Social Network: Something that people use online to talk or chat with others online. 
The difference between a Personal Learning Network and a Social Network are that a Personal Learning Network you learn new things about the internet, or other subjects. But a Social Network people just talk online and they don't have to say anything that would help anyone learn.
Mrs. Jorae
5/17/2012 02:33:05 pm

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