Paragraph 1 - A blog is an online website where you share your interests with other people. And those other people can comment on your blog about what your blog is about, or share new information with you. A blog can be about anything you want, and other people can join into your blog too. Together a group of people can tell other people that visit their blog, about a certain subject.
Paragraph 2 - What is okay to add to your profile is, your hobbies, your friends and family (only first names). Some pets you may have. Events coming up that you would like to share with other people. A nice, appropriate picture of you. A profile name that is appropriate for any age group to see. What is not okay to put on your profile is, pictures of other people that have not given you permission to put their picture on your blog. Inappropriate pictures, comment, or anything that someone in any age group could not see. Do not say your address, phone number, last, name or anyone else last names.
Paragraph 3 - Social networking can be good and bad. The ways it can be good are, you can talk to friends that you don't usually see. You can make new friends, you can share news. You can share good pictures with your friends. The ways it can be bad are, if people, or you even, talk bad or say mean things to other people. If you or other people share inappropriate pictures or comments.
Paragraph 4 - When you send something to someone, even if you trust them, they could very well send it to someone else or post it on a social networking site. Or if you post something on the internet, there is no taking it back, it is on there, and then the whole world can see it, there is no stopping anyone from seeing it after it is posted. So don't post something unless you are sure you want everyone to see, and not just your decision at the moment, but in the future. If you know you are going to regret it in the future, do not post it!
Paragraph 5 - When you are gaming online, you need to be careful what people you play games with, if there are people you don't know playing it would probably be best not to play the game. If you are playing a game and someone starts saying mean things, either ignore them, stop playing the game, or report abuse to the website.
Paragraph 6 - Do not post anything online that you will regret later because there will be consequences no matter what. You could get in trouble at school or at home, or even be rejected from a college or job. The best thing is just to not post innapropriate or bad things online, if you don't, you will have nothing to worry about.
Paragraph 7 - Cyberbullying is not good or kind, and it can get you in alot of trouble. If you cyberbully, it is the same thing as bullying in real life, you are putting someone down to make yourself feel better. But when you cyberbully, the whole world can also see it, that means that you parents, teacher, etc. can look at your page, and most likely punish you.
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