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      Your presence online, or your digital footprint, is what defines your personality through the internet. What you say and do shows people what you are like or what kinds of things you are capable of doing. Even if you are different than when you are on the internet, you are defined through the internet, by your presence. For example: you are a very nice and kind person when you with your friends and family - when you are not on the internet. But when you get on the internet, and go to facebook, twitter, etc. you say mean things and play games you probably shouldn't be playing. Even though you are a nice person when you are not on the internet, people that only communicate with you through the internet, only know what you are like online, not when you are with your friends and family. 
      The presence that I think I make on the internet is, a pretty good presence, if I decide to play games, I choose the appropriate ones, when I get on my email I do not say mean things. Although I do not have a facebook, or twitter, I think that when people see my emails, or messages, they are not worried that I have said something mean 

      The assumptions people would make about me probably would be, likes to play online games, buys some things online, likes to email, over-all a pretty good impression. But not much information about me as a person since I don't have a facebook, twitter, etc.
Mrs. Jorae
4/15/2012 06:36:10 am

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