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      I think that photo-shopping other people into a picture that was not originally in the picture, is not good, especially if they did not give permission to use their picture for that. 
      The responsibilities that come with digital images is, you have to ask someone if you can use their photograph for digitally changing an image. If you don't you could get in trouble, by someone who reports you, and you could even get banned from a website. Another responsibility is that you should not add a persons face to a person or picture, that is not true, or trying to make someone believe that a digitally changed image is true.
      In the photograph of the woman and her 2 children during the dust bowl, the photo was digitally edited to make it look like the mother and children were depressed. But really the children were very happy and the someone digitally edited it to look like the children were hiding behind their mother, so that their cheerful faces were not showing. This is just the same as telling someone a lie to their face, sometimes we can tell if they are lying and other times they cover their lie up so well that we start to believe it.
      In the National geographic magazine on the front there is shown 2 pyramids layering each other when really they were cut and pasted in layers so that the picture could fit on the narrow magazine cover. This is not right because the people who make national geographic are selling a photographic lie to people. Even though it may not be a big deal, some people want to see the truth and making people think that those 2 pyramids were over lapping is not the truth. In the Newsweek magazine there is a photograph of Martha Stewart in front of a curtain when she was, at the time, in jail. Some people thought that the photographer got with Martha Stewart and took a picture of her and then digitally edited it so that she was standing in front of a stage curtain. This is also a lie that the Newsweek magazine is selling to people. 
      In a photo someone edited in Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, like they were dancing together on Dancing With the Stars. This is not a true photo and could have possibly hurt some peoples feelings, and get a couple people in trouble. It is not okay to digitally edit someone's face onto something that could hurt their feelings or make them embarrassed. 
       In this cover for a student guide, the people at the college digitally edited the photograph to make it look like they have cultural diversity. They did not have the students that they used in the photos permission to be in the photo or digitally edited. They lied and someone found out, and then the school got in trouble. It is just not good to lie about photographs, or anything. 


Mrs. Jorae
5/4/2012 01:33:25 am

Congratulations! You have earned $300 of virtual classroom money for Layering Image! Move on to the next activity!

Mrs. Jorae
5/4/2012 01:33:53 am

Congratulations! You have earned $200 of virtual classroom money for your analysis of the questions! Move on to the next activity!


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