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Cyberbullying is when someone says things or does things online that hurts or is embarrassing to someone. For example, if you go online and someone you see is saying things that don't make sense, and then you say, "You're stupid," that is cyberbullying, and even though when you say something to someone online, and they can't see you, doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt their feelings.
Netiquette is basically how and what you write online. Some things that you need to pay attention to when you are writing online are, how meaningful your subject lines are, making sure things are not too long, when you are using all caps, because that signifies yelling, using judgments with attachments, proofread what you have written, be careful what you say to people, replying promptly, formatting, replying to or forward and email that you are referring to.
Digital citizenship is like real life citizenship in town, you want people to think that you are nice, so don't say mean things or post things that might make anyone embarrassed or concerned about anything. Make sure that your image online is not making people worried to write you back or say something to you.  
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5/17/2012 02:30:29 pm

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