A collection of data is when you take all of the information, it could be prices, numbers, days, etc. and you put those things all together, and that is your collection of data. Sometimes data can include two different things, for example, say you opened a coffee shop and wanted to know how much you earned each day for three weeks. What you would do is record, or collect the data by writing down the days and how much money you made each day. The reason that people collect data is because, like in the coffee shop example, they want to know, how much there is of something in a period of time. It could be money, or if someone was collecting something, they might want to know how many years it took them to get all of the items in the collection, so they would record the year and how many items, and maybe even what items. The reason that it is beneficial to put the data in a graph is so that the information is all laid out on a small graph, and is easily seen how much something has increased or decreased over time. Or how much money you earn per day for example. Putting data on a graph is just an easy way to see your data. 4 situations that lend themselves to collecting data are, 1 working somewhere and finding out how much you earn per day by collecting the data of how much you earn by recording how much you earn per day. 2 Trying to control what you spend, and finding out what you have spent over a period of time by recording what you spend per day. 3 If you are collecting something and want to know how many years it takes you to collect all the items by recording how many items you get per year. 4 If you are trying to find out an increase or decrease in something, you would record the increases and decreases per day.
      Lemonade Stand Graph - The process I used to gather the data was, I recorded the amount of money I ended with each day, then I looked at all my data, then put it in a line graph, and that line graph shows how much money I had at the end of each day. I started with $20 in the beginning, and ended with about $50 in the end, so I earned more money than what I started with. 
  1. How often did you change your recipe? Why did you change your recipe? 
       I changed my recipe about 4 or five times, but mostly it was either adding ice, or adding sugar to the original recipe. I changed my recipe because when the people were drinking the lemonade, thy commented and said "more ice," a couple of times so I started to add more ice until they didn't want any more. For the sugar, I decided to just put some more in and see what happened, I ended up getting more business than before, because the lemonade tasted better and sweeter with more sugar. 

  2.   What worked best on hot days? 
       More iced worked best on hot days, because it cooled the people off better, since the drink got cooler. 

  3.   What recipe was least successful for you? Why do you think this is 
       The recipe that was least successful for me was recipes with less ice   and less sugar. This is true because people wanted lemonade that was sweet, and that would cool them off. 

  4.   If you were to do this again, what changes would you make?

       I would probably buy less lemons and ice at once because, the lemons rot easily, and the leftover ice melts by the end of the day. 

  5.   Describe your overall sales trends, comparing sales to the weather for    
       the day.

      When the weather was hot, I got more sales, because a lot of people were hot and thirsty and wanted to cool off. But when the weather was cooler, or if it was raining, either a lot of people did not want to come outside and walk around, or they were not very thirsty and didn't really need to cool off, so sales those days would be lower. 
Mrs. Jorae
4/15/2012 06:44:27 am

Congratulations you have earned $200 of virtual money for creating the table! Add this to you classroom spreadsheet and move on to the next activity!

Mrs. Jorae
4/23/2012 11:11:49 pm

Congratulations! You have earned $300 of virtual classroom money for your table, paragraph and data collection questions! Move on to the next activity!

Mrs. Jorae
4/23/2012 11:12:17 pm

Congratulations! You have earned $200 of virtual classroom money for your completing 14 days of data! Move on to the next activity!


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