In this course I have learned that challenging yourself can be hard at first but once you figure things out and see what you can do, it becomes very rewarding. I have learned that I do very well working independently and actually prefer it over group or partner work. Now that I know more about creating things in Google SketchUp, my skills have become more advanced and now I can make things that are more realistic and elaborate. 
I think that you should take this course, it is fun but challenging and that makes an excellent learning experience. You can show yourself and others things that you know, and create amazing things that almost look real.
If you take this course the benefits are endless! You learn to become an independent worker, you can see how to challenge yourself, learn how to make advanced creations, and how to impress yourself and others using Google SketchUp.
I enjoyed just the simplicity of working independently. It gave me a sense of freedom, to make what I wanted and design things the way I saw fit. The challenging part were creating realistic things, make them be realistic size, and structure. In the end though, you can impress yourself immensely with the skill and creations that you have learned how to make.
My greatest accomplishment would probably be my dream house. I got to use my sense of style as well as my knowledge that I got in digital design about creating things in Google SketchUp. 

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